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Think your relationships are rock-solid? Give this cute indie title a spin and think again.

So, you’ve somehow managed to exhaust your interest in Breath of the Wild. It’s okay. You’ve taken your first step towards sharing your new Nintendo Switch with your friends! Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together! is one of the Switch’s hidden delights, but it’s not without it’s issues.

The main mechanic involves cutting shapes out of the lovable characters. You can snip them into scoops, sharp points, ramps and anything your dexterous hands can manage. The puzzles are simple enough to begin with, but quickly become more challenging. Don’t let the cute art style fool you, this game means business. It’s certainly fun when playing with your friends, competing to see who can figure it out first (and snipping your mates to oblivion in the process). The variety in the different levels is great. One minute you’re tasked with shooting a basketball through a hoop, the next you need to help a hamster navigate a course by snipping each other into ramps.

Single-player, in contrast, quickly becomes dull. It’s frustrating trying to control the two characters by yourself. Swapping between them is slow, so some levels become tedious. This game is clearly geared towards playing with your friends, so its somewhat expected to have a lacklustre solo experience. Multiplayer shines, especially its frantic blitz mode, which acts as a “versus” mode. Compete in fun minigames such as ice hockey, basketball and more.

The main selling point is still the two-player campaign, and it suffers from the unfortunate lack of replayability. Once you’ve completed a puzzle, there is little sense in playing it again. A level editor would have been a perfect remedy to this issue. If there was a Mario Maker-esque method of sharing levels, this game would be permanently installed on my Switch. For all of the hype Nintendo have surrounded their Joy-Con controllers with, it’s also a bit disappointing that Snipperclips doesn’t make full use of it’s features. HD Rumble would have been a nice touch. Even tossing in some gyro-based puzzles would have been very cool to try (although I haven’t played all of the puzzles, so I perhaps haven’t unlocked any yet).

Graphically, Snipperclips doesn’t bring much to the table. The “school textbook” look appeals to the younger audience, and it’s characters are memorable and cute. In this day and age of mind-blowing graphics, Snipperclips accomplishes what web-based Flash games did a decade ago. Funnily enough, it works, and I appreciate it’s simplicity. It allows the players to focus more on the fun, without any ugly attempts at beautiful graphics getting in the way.

Speaking of fun, it’s never been so fun to yell at your friends. One particularly memorable piece of dialogue during my playtime being, “TRUST ME. CUT MY BUTT!” Teamwork, communication and critical thinking all come together in a highly enjoyable experience. Playing through the puzzles with a friend was a blast. It’s a great game to set down and plough through for an hour or so. Similarly, quick games of basketball or hockey are great while on a lunch break.

For everything this game lacks, it’s an enjoyable eShop title, and Switch owners would be wise to add it to their library. For the knockout price of $19.99/£16.99, you can’t go wrong. It’s a shame that the main campaign does little to bring you back for more. An achievement system or challenge mode would definitely work well here. Find yourself some buddies to play with, and you’ve got yourself a game that will ruin your friendships time and time again. In a good way.

Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together!
Hilariously fun multiplayerChallenging puzzles
Simplistic use of the hardwareZero single player replayability
3.0Makes The Cut


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