Rocket League is the story of how a small team of developers have managed to take a simple concept, and evolve it beyond anyone’s expectations. Dropshot is the continuation of this grand tale.

Psyonix make game development look easy. It would appear that no matter how many updates they send our way, the fountain of ideas never stops flowing. Snow Day was an exciting twist and change of mechanics. Hoops reached out to fans of basketball and executed it brilliantly. Rumble ramped up the zany, unpredictable nature of the game. Now we have Dropshot, a brand new game mode that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

The game mode is played exclusively in a new arena, Core 707. It’s a hexagonal light show that, in all honesty, is a bit bland. However, we’re not here to admire the view. Mechanically, this arena differs from all others in that there are no permanent goals. Instead, the floor acts as your scoring zone, requiring direct hits for it to open up and reveal the abyss below. You can’t employ the same tactics or mechanics in this arena, because it doesn’t facilitate the same formations or rotations as the more conventional maps do. To tell you the truth, your first few games will likely feel as if you’re starting all over again.

Thankfully, everything about this new mode is fun, rewarding and damn well executed. Learning how to play in this arena doesn’t feel like a chore. There’s immense satisfaction in pummeling the ball to the floor and hearing the roaring cacophony of tiles collapsing around you. Everyone will hold their breath as they see the sparks of electricity angrily jutting out of the newly designed ball as it passes from blue to orange, before you precisely guide the ball to a spot on the floor that your opponents had all but forgotten was open. It’s all very rewarding.

“This hugely successful title only gets better and better.”

Aside from the new game mode, Psyonix have continued their efforts to improve certain aspects of Rocket League‘s quality of life. Season 3 of competitive has come to a close. With that, wheel rewards have been dished out to worthy competitors (I myself am very happy with my blue wheels). Not only that, but Season 4 sees a complete restructuring of how the ranks are divided. There are more ranks than ever before in Rocket League, with the intention being to help differentiate levels of skill in a more transparent way. It’s a welcome change, and long overdue in fact.

As is the norm with any updates in Rocket League, Dropshot comes with it’s own plethora of items to unlock. The new Turbo Crate contains decals, bodies, wheels and more that will keep any collector on the hunt for more.

All in all, Psyonix are continuing their brilliant support of Rocket League. This hugely successful title only gets better and better. I wish other developers would take note here, because this is the way you satisfy your customers. Not with radio silence or by piling more content onto an already terrible base game. But with continued efforts to make your game better each time, and to keep it that way.

Psyonix, I salute you!


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