Hello dear readers, and welcome to Outpost.

Just yesterday, this video gaming site was named Beastby.net. The title originated from our Editor, Darren Burchett, who started a gaming blog in late 2016 to supplement his YouTube channel. The website was originally intended to be a haven for Darren to post his musings on the gaming industry, but it quickly turned into something much more. After gaining new writers and readers, we felt that a rebrand was apt. After all, Beastby is “Darren Burchett.”

Thus, Outpost is “us.” We aim to stray away from cut and dry video game coverage and offer something a little different. Games are so much more than a piece of media, more than a consumer product, and there’s really nothing like them. No matter how small, a game has the power to completely immerse you and take you out of the real world, if only for a moment. Every experience is unique, every story yours. We aim to share those stories and tackle the industry from another angle.

We’re interested in what it means to be a gamer and to celebrate the moments that solidify that choice. Those water-cooler talks, those moments you didn’t think possible. The “what ifs,” the “whys,” and the “now.” We’ll take deep dives into the industry, a game and its design, and we will deliver honest opinions that aim to spark conversation. Most important of all, we hope to entertain.

We’re Outpost—we’re your outpost. Welcome, and enjoy.


When we were Beastby, we were still figuring things out. We hugged the comfortable wall of video game coverage and wrote content that was very by the books. There’s always a place and demand for that kind of thing, but for us, we felt like a single turkey gobbling amongst thousands of others.


We will not report news, in the traditional sense anyway. We do not want to regurgitate the same information, and we’d much rather have an interesting opinion or feature about that news. “What does this news mean?” “What effect will this have on the industry or the gamer?” “Did you see that trailer? It was incredible!”

Twitter is our platform to share news and interesting things with you. We don’t want to waste your time, so we aim to inform you with a link, an image and 140 characters instead.


Reviews are about as ‘by the books’ as we get. Whether it’s a newly released title or one from our expanding backlogs, we aim to aid you in your purchasing decisions. We’ll let you know if a game is worth putting on your wishlist, or if it’s something to avoid altogether. Honestly, we just love writing them.

Opinions and features

The sky’s the limit for this side of Outpost and we’ll look to explore these categories as much as possible. Our articles will range from small, digestible posts, to long-form, fully fledged pieces, all with a focus on the gamer’s narrative. We’ll also be creating lists because, quite frankly, we love a good list! They’re fun, conversational and allow us to reminisce about the games we love.


We skipped this month’s issue so we could take a step back and really nail down our coverage moving forward. It’s safe to say that it will make a return, under our new name along with a new look to match. With a revised outlook on content, we aim to give each issue a longer shelf life where there’ll always be something of interest, no matter how old the issue.


Wow! You made it this far. That’s cool. There’s plenty more to waffle on about but that’s the gist of it, I’m afraid. We’re very excited to start on this journey and we hope you’ll come along.

Writing for this website is our passion, but it’s also something we do around our full-time jobs. As such, we do not get to post as much as we’d like, so we strive for quality instead. To stay up to date, be sure to bookmark the site so you can check back regularly. You could also sign up to our newsletter for top picks and magazine releases.


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