Outpost has accomplished a lot in the past year. We began as Beastby, and as our team grew, we felt that it was right to change our site’s look as well. We shifted our perspective on writing, on gaming, and on life. Heck, we even covered the Nintendo Switch launch. Every single one of us, including the few that we’ve lost along the way, are proud of the minute accomplishments we’ve achieved here.

But those of us left must admit that life has kicked us in the shins lately. Honestly, it’s been a relentless attack. It’s been difficult for us to consistently deliver the content we’d like to create. We want nothing more than to provide an insightful article every day of the week for our readers. Yet obviously, that hasn’t been on the table recently.

With a heavy heart, Outpost is hereby going on hiatus. Our current plan is to survive life and recuperate for a few months, and come back stronger than ever. We know that we’ve laid a foundation for something great here, but we feel it’s unfair to string our readers along each week.

Please look for our return early 2018, and follow our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates in the meantime.

Most importantly, please follow our writers individually, as they endeavour on new adventures in these coming months:

Darren Burchett – @DemSkellyBones

Robert Hogge – @evilmuska

Josh Joseph – @colonel_sped

Dylan Bishop – @dyl_byl

We look forward to seeing you soon, when we’ve got a renewed vim and vigor. Thank you for reading—it’s been a true pleasure.

-Outpost Staff


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