I can’t help but feel absolutely down about the Scorpio. On one hand, it’s great to have a console that is a real powerhouse compared to current offerings. On the other hand, I’m wondering, what’s the point?

Last week, Digital Foundry had the honour of announcing the specs of the Scorpio’s innards as well as providing some cold hard performance stats. I won’t go too much into specifics but compared to the Xbox One its processor is 30% faster, moving the clock speed from 1.75GHz to a lower latency 2.3GHz. The GPU capable of delivering 6 of those heavily lauded terraflops, 1.8 more flippy-flops than the PS4 Pro. Arguably the biggest game changer is the inclusion of hardware integrated DirectX12. Essentially, this will reduce computing resources by half on games that support the architecture.

It’s all very impressive but it comes at a cost, quite literally. Estimates for the console on release are floating around the $500-$600 price range. It makes you wonder, who this console is for?

This doesn’t really excite a PC gamer like myself as I could just spend that money and upgrade my computer even further. You can get a GTX 1080 Ti for a similar price, sporting double the amount of flippy-flops and far superior technology. Many of the Xbox One titles are playable on PC at no extra cost, so an upgrade just makes sense. I understand Microsoft wants to create some synergy with their platforms but Xbox Play Anywhere gives me one less reason to own a Scorpio.

I see it appealing to people who have a low to mid-range PC, possibly. They most likely already own a console and if they’re looking to get into 4K gaming this could be their only option. If so, they’ll need to pony up the dough for the TV. That’s another $400 for a low-end display. Sure the resolution will be the same, but a TV is the kind of investment you want to go big on so you’re covered for at least five years. If that’s the case you’re looking at $700-$1,000. That suddenly makes this whole venture an unrealistic one for the average consumer who’s been on the fence.

Another hammer to the knee cap of Microsoft is the Nintendo Switch. It has proven that people don’t actually care about the power of a console. It’s all about the games and Microsoft is sorely lacking in terms of interesting exclusives (the only titles that will truly take advantage of the Scorpio’s power). Year after year, consumers are growing more concerned about convenience, rather than bleeding edge technology. The Switch has given them that.

It genuinely feels like Microsoft are releasing the Scorpio just so they feel like the big boys again. “The best console on the market” was their thing back with the 360 and they want to hold that title again. Apart from the “hard-to-please” gamers complaining of weak, dated consoles, no one has actually asked for the Scorpio. The only ones that feel like they really need it are Microsoft.

A plus I see coming out of this is that, if developers are on board, games will start to look even better. This has the potential to give the industry a huge leap in graphical fidelity. I’m sure you’ve heard the analogy that consoles are holding the PC back, so to have a potential solution to this is interesting. This is a double-edged sword, though. Bigger leaps in power mean more frequent upgrades, and this is bad news.

While I’m sure we all like to see video games getting better (mainly in terms of visuals) this is going to burn consumers out. Hardware iterations will ramp up and then, because consumers refuse to buy, it will slump again. This disrupts the pacing of the industry, something I feel has found its sweet spot. Also, let’s not forget that the other consoles still exist. This makes me wonder if developers are going to prioritise the Scorpio or even show an interest.

While we all scoffed at Sony for the PS4 Pro, it turns out that it is taking the right half-step these play-making giants are aiming for. Consumers are content with 1080p gaming and it has been a real struggle for companies to push us into 4K. Sony is making a compromise by deciding not to opt for a native 4K solution and therefore makes it an affordable one. Most consumers haven’t experienced 4K yet so most would be none the wiser, or simply wouldn’t care. We played a lot of the previous generation in 720p despite having Full HD TVs so why would faux-4K matter?

When is all is said and done, it’s about the games. This is the reason I haven’t bought an Xbox One and it’s why I’m struggling to find a point to the Scorpio. Great, the tech is fantastic and achieves 4K gaming, but what can I play on it? Another Halo? Gears of War? I’m sorry, but I think I’ll pass. Gamers go where the games are, and Microsoft have been cancelling games and closing studios left and right.

This E3 will certainly be an interesting one…well I hope. Most Scorpio talk has been downright boring, but I’m curious how they plan to market this console. It’s not for your average gamer, little Jimmy’s parents aren’t going to fork over the cash when he already has an Xbox One and Call of Duty. Switch owners certainly won’t care, and neither will PC gamers.

Who is this for? You tell me.


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  • Howie Kearney

    You Sir, with a headline like that are an Internet Troll in the form of a journalist. FYI as a PC gamer myself i welcome an alternative for $500-$600 that will give me performance similar or equivalent to my set up which cost me $1600 (Canadian) all in 6 months ago.In fact with the tuning and optimization and closed development environment, you can expect much higher returns for the equivalent power….just because you didn’t ask for it doesn’t mean the rest of us feel the same…….

    • I will admit that the headline is a little inflammatory. I could see people unable to read between the lines or understand it’s not serious get angry. But then they have a lot more to worry about if they’re getting angry about one dudes opinion.

      Also you’re right, I’m not a journalist.

      But I do see your point about it being an alternative. I’m talking more to the Scorpio being someone’s primary gaming platform and how the console will fit into the rest of the market. It’s a wonderful option, not denying that.

      • 1000

        Here’s the thing. All the click-grabbing headlines in the world isn’t going to change it: There are a LOT of ex-pc gamers who migrated to lounge rooms and consoles in the last 10 years to simplify their gaming and reduce the cost of the upgrade cycle. I know – because I’m one of them.

        This segment wants 1080p/60, or 4k/60fps. Period. It’s not much to ask in 2017 (well, maybe 4K 60fps is). That’s what Scorpio is set to deliver.

        It’s no more or less complicated than that. The Xbox One was terribly underpowered hardware for a machine designed to run 8-10 years. This is MS (and Sony really) correcting that. The segment is changing. There is no reason why a segment has to exist for a product to neatly slide into occupy it. Perhaps Scorpio will create new market segments altogether.

        OH, and no company, MS including, will drop tens or hundreds or millions of dollars developing products to “feel like the big-boys” again. It’s a worthless assertion.

        • I was also one of those people a few years back so I can relate. The Xbox One was under powered for an 8-10 year plan but it was foolish of MS to make that promise when they knew what they were working with.

          I actually see half-steps turning into iterations along the lines of the Nintendo DS. Every few years there will be a newer console and games will work across the latest two or three consoles with older machines slowly losing support. It’d be no different to upgrading to a newer phone or tablet.

        • L 7 CHAPEL

          Well said, also not withstanding the personal magic some of these different developers are capable of doing, once they have the power, and then the familiarity with it over time.

    • L 7 CHAPEL

      It’s nice to see at least one other person does agree, you can have an opinion, AND it can also be trolling… But if I were waiting for an admission of it …
      I do think people are giving him a little bit too much credit for being a journalist to begin with, that’s not the case, posting on this site,
      not at all.

      • Dylan Bishop

        You’re entirely right. We’re writing because we like writing, and because a few of us would like to put together a portfolio to be journalists later on. However, as of right now, none of us are journalists. Just some dudes on the internet, just like you. Sorry if anything comes off wrong, we’re just trying to spark some discussions.

  • Hailceaser

    i don’t have a 4k tv, nor do i have funds for one, i just got a switch and i’m very happy with it. i was considering an xbox one but then they cancelled scalebound and now i have no desire to get one at all

  • SithSauron

    @author Nobody asked for your Opinion

    • Nice work. Most original comment so far, keep it up.

      That’s also the best thing about opinions. No one has to ask 😉

  • drjonesjnr

    Great article.
    Games are what matter the only people who will pick this up are the super hardcore xbox fan boys

    • Thank you. I knew it would but I was hoping some readers out there would provide a good conversation.

      Also, watch out! Walking around with that Nate Drake avatar is asking for trouble! ;P

      • Howie Kearney

        Bull……Your headline from the start is meant to get the fanboys rialed up against each other and will surely just get them in here and start an xbox ps4 pc fanboy troll festival. I’d love to see a valid counter argument presented which leads to some intelligent banter and conversations but it won’t happen because the article and headline only fosters whos better type shit…..

        • The headline is clearly not to be taken seriously. For anyone reading the article it’s obvious that I want to the Scorpio to be good. The headline is asking for trouble, I’ll admit that. I’m not going to change it and part of me thinks this statement is true. No one asked for any of these half-step consoles.

          But yes, reasoned conversation is what we want. Not that I’m bashing Xbox but to have someone come along and change my mind is great. I wouldn’t put this opinion out there if I didn’t want it challenged.

          • L 7 CHAPEL

            Thank you for that admission on that,
            You essentially admitted that your trolling, and making a negative comment, for the purpose of it,
            and proved every point I just stated.

          • Oh, you got me!

            But wait, no you didn’t.

            If you read the article you would not have taken that away from what I’ve said. Compose yourself and stop witch hunting. This is my honest opinion leading up to the release of the Scorpio. If it turns out to be orgasmic I’ll be sure to drop my pants. Right now? I’m sceptical. Trolling is no worse than fan boys blindly defending a product and company that doesn’t even know they exist and have no real stake in.

          • L 7 CHAPEL

            I don’t care to “get you” the truth is extremely obvious.
            whether you care to admit it or not. you hypocritically confirmed what the reason is, and said it yourself as well, several times over. No? And your response is to call me a fanboy.
            I don’t know about all that, just someone speaking truth and responding to an article.
            one that you used purposely to bait people into a debate,to tell you who the console is for,(presumably) and why it exists, which is exactly what I did.
            and so that makes me a fanboy and wanting to fight and all of that? you’re an asshat, Darren. all due respect to you, really. you’re an asshat.
            What’s worse are the asshats above you that have a site that simply allows people to write troll/bait articles.

          • Darren Burchett

            Yet you continue to spend time in this comments section waiting to tell commentors they’re wrong…

            Move on. Get over it.

          • Yet you continue to spend time in this comments section waiting to tell commentors they’re wrong…

            Move on.

          • stillwaitingforgreatness

            Headline not to be taken seriously, so how about the last 4 years of the anti Microsoft and pro Sony articles. N4G fanning the fanboy wars. Also not to be taken seriously…..https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/aecf63a4eb5b5220c29a5499ab21a7feb82bc0ced3516d4b4eb14b53bb5ae3e6.jpg

          • I can only speak for my article so I’m sorry, I can’t help you. Also I’ve only been using N4G for about six months so I can’t give you answers for the last 3 and a half years prior. Again, I can’t help you.

            Also, I guess you missed the part where I said that I’m a PC gamer and don’t own any of the current consoles? Either that or you’ve chosen to ignore it as it doesn’t back up your point.

            EDIT: Also that’s hilariously unfortunate

          • I will also add something I’ve told another commenter:

            Those articles are at the top because of the level of engagement the Xbox fans have given them. Looking through the comments it’s filled with people angry that the article exists. An article only needs 10 people to get it approved, clicks and comments drive it to the front page. Maybe everyone who’s fed up of seeing them should ignore them?

          • stillwaitingforgreatness

            So a pc gamer decided to write an article about and I quote, “nobody asked for project Scorpio” a console. Makes sense. Also with regards to the timescales, you chose the wrong site. Enjoy.

          • So, hold on. Are you implying that someone isn’t allowed to express an opinion towards any other platform than the one they’ve chosen to use? That sounds utterly childish.

          • stillwaitingforgreatness

            Kettle. Pot. Black.

        • Hvd

          clicks=$$$$$$$$$.fanboys will fight so why not.

          • Dylan Bishop

            Hey, I’m another writer on this site. We all do this for free and for fun, and have been doing this in obscurity for months. We don’t mind to continue doing so for years to come. This wasn’t posted for views or money. This was simply to start discussion, and blew up a little more than we hoped. It’s still a discussion worth having.

      • drjonesjnr

        Haha avatar? you’re talking to the real Nathan drake my friend 😉

        • :O No way! Do you realise how many lives you’ve ended? Children you’ve orphaned!? You should be ashamed of yourself!

          • drjonesjnr

            Its all in aid of the treasure brother and Elana gives good head 😉 lol

          • Murder in exchange for sexual favours? I can admire that

          • drjonesjnr

            My man and dad died at young age left me in a catholic church with nuns with tobacco addiction and my brother a lying prick.
            Ive got problems fella :

      • L 7 CHAPEL

        And here goes your first comment then Darren I didn’t hear anybody making these kinds of comments when the ps4 pro came out trying to masquerade as a PC primarily gamer and not somebody who’s more of a fan Warren towards PlayStation isn’t resonate if it’s pretty obvious this entire website and 4G is PlayStation Central and always has been so let me explain you very simply who does Scorpio was for its for us its for the hardcore Xbox users you don’t get the philosophy behind it because they haven’t revealed everything that’s in the line for it yet with Xbox we define the console now that’s the philosophy moving forward it doesn’t define us a very clear distinction between Xbox and PlayStation you’re welcome

        • I’m sorry, the lack of full stops made that hard to read. I’ll try and answer as best I can from what I think you said.

          People were (and still are) saying that the PS4 Pro wasn’t necessary, and I agree. I’d rather not muddy the waters with half-step consoles. I’d prefer my console purchases to be solid and not have to question myself whether something else is coming along. I almost bought a PS4 around the time they announced the Pro so I held off, and now I have neither.

          The reason this site specifically didn’t say anything about the PS4 Pro is because we’ve only been running for a few months.

          • Hvd

            the ps4 pro was to make psvr run better because the ps4 can handle it but its paved the way for xbox scorpio.

      • Hvd

        like i said in my first post thank sony for xbox scorpio they opened the door because of psvr then to make it actually run good came the ps4 pro so why souldnt xbox do this.

        thank sony.

    • L 7 CHAPEL

      Not just them. Scorpio will go down in price, just like every console does.
      The thing that always interests (and amazes me) is that you guys don’t see, when you look at your own words, is the third-person-sense of referencing the Xbox, that makes it so obvious that you’re a PlayStation person, and that you don’t care for Xbox… And then the pretention of trying to represent yourself as unbiased.

      • Funny thing, I’m a PC gamer. I don’t own any of the new consoles, and I owned both consoles last generation.

        Admittedly I played the PS3 more than the 360 because they had the games I wanted to play and my friends were there.

        EDIT: And you could say that I want MS to succeed. I don’t have a PS4 but I can take advantage of Xbox Play Anywhere.

        • drjonesjnr

          Not got a ps4?
          How dare you !!! 😉

        • Hvd

          so what do you tink as a pc gamer(which im glad im not anymore)about xbox scorpio being able to do 4k/60fps on a game.

          im sure you watched the digital foundry reveal and saw an unoptimized game being ran at 4k/60fps on aconsole with 40% gpu power still remaning i was wondering what you thought about it.

          • I think it’s very impressive. I’m not denying that it’s a powerful console and I never have. The technology in the Scorpio is bleeding edge in terms of optimisation.

            EDIT: Also there’s no need to spam the comments with the same response so I’ll be deleting all of the extra comments. It’s unnecessary and quantity doesn’t add any more to the conversation

          • Hvd

            if this is a mid gen refresh what will be the ps5 and xbox 2?.wont pc have to step its game up if the next consoles are 4k/60fps?

          • Not really, the PC already achieves this with the 1080 ti. And the PC isn’t competing with consoles and never has. Your preference to play PC or on console is a lifestyle choice.

            And eventually I see solid numbers disappearing and consoles will take the route of the Nintendo DS, phones and tablets. Constant iterations with games supporting two or three of the latest platforms

      • drjonesjnr

        If xbox bring the games ill be on bored myself but halo/gears/forza every year doesn’t cut it for me.
        I had an original xbox and a 360 I didn’t like the direction Microsoft went with the xbone and even the last two years of the 360.
        But yes I am definitely a fan of Sony now they just bring the games in spades and very high quality ones aswell.
        If Microsoft does the same thing ill pick up their box.
        But they would have to be exclusives aswell because at the moment I can pick up any game they bring out on my pc.
        The fact I haven’t bought one game from them this gen says everything tho

      • Hvd

        even at $500 the xbox scorpio will destory the ps4 pro and most gaming pc’s.

        its still worth it at $500 because it take a $2500 pc to hit 4k/60fps on games if not more.

    • WryMouthX

      Games do matter. Maybe it will take them 3 years like Sony did to make decent exclusives and it worked for Sony.

      What idiot wont buy this console to play RDR2, CoD or BF1? Gamers who play 3rd party games online will buy this. Sony has very very little exclusives that work on co-op, multiplayer etc.

      Scorpio was worth it alone to see the Sony butthurt after 3 years of making fun on XO power.

      Gamer Changer!

      • drjonesjnr

        Oh yes using a 6 year old laptop jaguar cpu is totally a game changer LMFAO. 🙂
        Well atleast you can play erm….halo wars 2 in 4k right dam that really is the only game Microsoft have released all year isn’t it ?

    • Hvd

      lol keep trying.4k makes you a better gamer.

      • angryguy77

        hahahahaahahhaha I bet not a single one of them even got that joke.

      • drjonesjnr

        I know I bought a pro 😉

  • ruefrak

    I agree with this. The people Microsoft are targeting are already PC gamers. People obsessed with the absolute best have moved on from console gaming years ago. Console gamers usually want gaming machines that are relatively cheap and easy to use. Sadly over the years they’ve gotten more and more complex, but they are still relatively inexpensive.

    I keep thinking about a line Mark Cerny said at the PS4 Pro reveal. They made the machine the way it is because of cost reasons as well as the size of the device. In other words, they could have made a 4K gaming beast, but it would have cost too much and come in a box bigger than the original XB1. They decided against that, and apparently MS has decided to go for it. Personally, I think people are going to go for the “good enough” console that is half the price.

    • Thanks for reading. And yes, any of these companies could build an absolute monster of a machine. The PS4 Pro was a decision, not they’re only option. It doesn’t alienate their current install-base and turns people towards 4K gaming. Not a bad move, just wish they’d marketed the bloody thing a bit better.

  • Tha Truth

    Scorpio will be a pathetic failure just like all of Microsoft’s cheap, worthless, poor-man’s excuses for consoles have been. The games are all trash and that’s why their pathetic poverty-box is getting outsold 2-1 by the PS4 in every corner of the world.

    Look at Halo Wars 2 and it’s pathetic 100,000 copies sold in it’s first week. It’s the only exclusive game Microsoft have had in the past 6 months and the Xbox fanscum morontards still refuse to buy it because they know it’s shit.

    Gears, Halo, Forza…all trash franchises that aren’t worth mentioning and CERTAINLY aren’t worth buying and sales figures prove that. No gamer with any sense of self-respect would spend money on the pathetic, last-gen trash that Microsoft offers and it seems even Xbox owners agree with that statement because they’re the ones not buying the games.

    Xbox has been posting trash sales figures because it’s a trash console with trash games. Xbox crybaby pauperboys can lie to themselves all they want but it won’t change the facts.
    The Xbox DONE is nothing more than a worthless, pathetic, unwanted, last-gen POS failure of a console for uneducated, non-gaming troglodytes and sales will always prove that.

    Xbox fans are actually incredibly wimpy and two-faced because they don’t even support the console they claim to love so much. You get plenty of retarded Xbox peasant boys spending 24/7 on the internet saying how much they love the console but they don’t even buy it when it’s available because deep down they know it’s a worthless, weak, pathetic POS with no games and sales will always prove that.

    Xbox loses, Microsoft lose, Xbox retarded fanscum lose, and I win. What do you say to that, Xbox pauper losers?

    • Someone had their Weetabix this morning

      • L 7 CHAPEL

        My apologies if I offended you Darren,truly. there’s nothing like this boy here, “tha truth?” to put things back in perspective… for anyone with a partially sound mind . .have a good day

    • L 7 CHAPEL

      I say: if you Google it, you have several 800 numbers to choose by, that will lead you to the proper mental facilities that can at least attempt, to help you son.
      by God, at least try…

  • Vega is Cuuuming!

    Scorpio is for people that don’t want to bother with a PC. PCs are frankly a pain in the @$$. They take to much time, effort and money to build, test, RMA parts for, maintain and repair. I want to play games not PC Mechanic.

    I actually have a highend PC and threw a 980ti in it so i can and do some gaming on PC in my office. But I don’t want to have to build another one for my bedroom or living room.

    • PCs are easier to build and manage than ever, you said it yourself, it couldn’t have been that hard to “throw” a 980ti in your PC. Still a great card btw, mines going strong and haven’t had any signs that I need to upgrade.

  • Vega is Cuuuming!

    Lots of angry Sony Ponies in here.

  • Aaron blanchard

    Let’s see if it’s as pointless as the Ps Pro. At least it’s a noticeable upgrade from Xbox one S, not a half wit upgrade which literally did nothing to change gameplay and uses a checker board process to pretend it’s 4K. I’ve been an Xbox fan since day one, and this new console will sell out!!! Xbox give it to ya, it’s going to give it to ya!!!! First it’s gonna rock, then it’s going to roll, making people not think about PS4 no more!!!

    • Haha.

      I hope it does do well. Wouldn’t be any use hoping for it to fail. In an ideal world every game and console would be great.

    • WryMouthX

      Come on Aaron, let the Sony Employee alone, they got a shit loads of backpedaling to do since PS4 is done in power.

      Check back in 2013, 2014. 2015 years all all articles comparing XO vs PS4 on 3rd party games…ya they compared 3rd party tiles that sell the consoles.

      • Why is everyone so obsessed with defending a single platform? Enjoy everything you can, don’t be petty and limit yourself.

        • WryMouthX

          I play it all…except Switch, no sense of blowing $400 on one game.

          But overall its just fun to join the switch of PS4 Pro not being so powerful anymore.

  • William Fenton

    “It has proven, hands down, that people don’t actually care about the power of a console” in reference to the Switch.

    This is nonsense – you can’t say a few million people mean ‘people’ don’t care about power. They most certainly do, and I’m still not convinced the Switch is actually going to do well– given it’s still brand new and people who were always going to buy Nintendo consoles are still doing so. Nintendo fans are somewhat fervent, and they will buy company gear no matter what Nintendo does.

    I find it astonishing that people buy a whole console for one game, but there it is. I want to play Horizon Zero Dawn quite a lot, but there’s no way in hell I’m paying 200 quid and the cost of the game for it.

    All those Ps4 and Xbox One owners clearly DO care about system specs, and last I checked, they outnumber Nintendo people by a not so small margin.

    • I could agree with that. But that’s assuming that people who own a Switch ONLY own a Switch. Friends and other writers from this site own multiple platforms alongside the Switch and mirror that statement. The Switch proves that power isn’t the be all and end all, yet people got angry that Xbox One ran games at 900p like that means something. It means nothing, games are supposed to be fun, just enjoy them.

      • William Fenton

        I’m fed up of this suggestion that graphics don’t matter.

        Games are an audio/visual experience, you don’t play them by hooking your brain to the machine and it feeding the information directly to your emotions. As a Youtuber said, have you ever played one without graphics? Unless perhaps you only want to play text adventures.

        Graphics matter insofar as the art that the developers wish to convey. Now, the problem with something like the Switch is it is very limited. You can never have games like Uncharted 4 or Horizon where the vision of the game demands graphics like that.
        Yes, you can have games like Mario and Zelda until the cows come home, but the point is that’s ALL you’ll get. Indeed that’s all Nintendo does get, and for someone to argue the library of games on Nintendo consoles is diverse is laughable. This is why Nintendo consoles don’t sell well, people like diversity. Yes, yes, the Switch has done ‘well’ for its first few months, because of the mega-hype from Zelda, but you know better than most this doesn’t mean the console will be successful. Again, I find it incredible that people are willing to invest hundreds of pounds for one game.

        Graphics DO matter, a lot– but the problem is people have extremely crude views on this specific subject. People who say they don’t as a broad statement simply haven’t thought about it deeply. I mean, does anyone know what immersion is?

        • Of course graphics matter, I never suggested that. I’m a PC gamer, it’s obvious I care about visuals. But I don’t decide whether a game is any good based off of graphics alone.

          Whether a game is immersive has more to do with how it looks. Living and breathing worlds are great but if the gameplay is trash then where’s the immersion?

          I’m also a graphic designer by day so yes, graphics do matter. My entire career is based on that fact.

          • William Fenton

            Could you answer the responses in regards to the Switch then?

          • I thought I did in my first reply?

            Breath of the Wild has proven that the power of the Switch hasn’t dictated whether it was an immersive game or not. Would you say that’s wrong?

          • William Fenton

            Maybe you just didn’t read my messages in full? Meh, it is your article I suppose you can be the arbiter of such things.

            How about the main crux of my message that the Switch’s lack of hardware grunt hamstrings it by limiting the game diversity. As I said, this isn’t just speak, just look at Nintendo’s library.

          • Sorry, I was commuting at the time and missed some of your original comment. Apologies for that.

            I definitely see your point. Their hardware would dictate what they are capable of visually, and technically to a degree. The Switch might not possess the power to run complex or sophisticated processes, limiting their options there.

            It means developers end up having to make the best with what they have. That can stifle some creativity but look at what developers were able to do with the last generation towards the end.

            That being said, I’m not overly impressed by Nintendo (and rarely am anymore). They continue to drop the ball on providing enough content for their platform. Hopefully their Nindies *gag* helps with that.

  • Premature Procrastinator

    And so it begins…. The flood of so called “opinion pieces” attempting to downplay the Scorpio and question why it exists claiming “no one asked for this”, when most of the same people were first in line to point out any difference in visual quality between Xbox one and ps4, no matter how minor (“GTA V has more grass on ps4” remember that?). Those same so called “journalists” couldn’t wait to call mark Cerny “a genius”, for engineering Sony’s (by comparison) anaemic mid gen refresh. Yet, when Microsoft over delivers on what they promised, and unveil the specs for a genuinely remarkable piece of technology that will move the industry forward into true 4k gaming, they all claim “no one wants this”. Hypocrisy is the norm in gaming journalism, and Sony is held up as some sort of saviour when they have been guilty of more questionable, anti consumer decisions than anyone (remember the psn hack cover up? People lost money due to that). The moving of goalposts is laughable, last year Sony released 3 AAA games of note, delaying many games into 2017, while Microsoft released gears 4, recore, quantum break, forza horizon 3, dead rising 4 and more, on time and with for the most part good reviews. Games didn’t matter then though, outlets were more concerned with pointing out that quantum break didn’t hit 1080p, even though it used the same technique to hit it’s resolution that Sony is now using to checkerboard up to 4k! Yet now Sony are geniuses for using it!? You can’t make this up! And now Sony is releasing the games they should of released last year when they had next to nothing, somehow that means Xbox has had no games? Gaming journalism is a joke.

    • This contains a single man’s opinion therefore it is an opinion piece. And this isn’t journalism, I’m not a journalist.

      • Premature Procrastinator

        Well while that may be the case, the points you raise echo what many of the “journalists” have been saying in the flood of anti Xbox articles that have appeared since the Scorpio spec reveal. Games Journalists use the term “opinion piece” to excuse their blatant biases.

        • I’m not going to argue with that assumption as I wouldn’t know. An article HAS to be called an opinion piece as to not confused readers. If it were labelled as news then they’d be in trouble. It’s not fact and that is made clear.

          And you can’t avoid bias, especially in an opinion piece. Mine lies with PC gaming, I don’t own a PS4 or an XBox One

        • Dylan Bishop

          To be fair, bias is most certainly an opinion. Where else are they supposed to express their bias and opinion other than opinion pieces? If someone has been a PlayStation fanboy since birth, that’s a bias, and he’s of the opinion that PlayStation is the best company.

  • Dylan Harris

    This is dumb. Most of my friends that are Xbox fans are looking toward to this.

  • Mike G.

    I just think we’ve hit a wall in terms of innovation. If better image quality and frame rates are all these iterative consoles can give me, I’ll pass.

    I remember the jump from NES to SNES. Huge. The first Playstation gave us something we’d never seen before. The Original Xbox was another big leap. The 360 and PS3 were huge leaps as well. After that, not so much. You’re telling me that all I’m getting (for probably $500) is better image quality and frame rates. How unexciting. These iterative consoles are still anchored to their lesser counterparts. The same games with the same grass, rocks, etc, but now with better image quality and frame rates. YIPPEEEEEE! -facepalm- I saw an article on N4G the other day praising the Xbox One for running a 360 game so smoothly. Are you effing kidding me? WTF wouldn’t it run the game more smoothly? We’ve definitely hit a wall here.

    • I think these half-step consoles are trying to make up for the fact that this new generation is under powered. But at the same time, this is only half a step from what we have now, so no one’s really any better for it.

      It’s a snake eating it’s own tail


        Just wish these consoles would have come out with more features in the beginning like they should have. Like their newest iterations have to offer. These newest consoles should have been the initial release consoles.

        • Mike G.

          Playstation is way ahead, and they’re gonna have to price this box correctly. Pro will drop in price as soon as Scorpio swings its tail. Then what, the Scorpio will be $100-$200 more? Maybe I’m underestimating the allure of 4K, but I don’t think that many people are going to spring for this. It’s got a 6 TFLOP GPU and 12 GB of RAM. It HAS to be expensive to manufacture. Xbox already has a poor public perception. They really need people (a lot of people) to want this and they have to price it correctly or it’s dead.

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Oh yeah…..I’m right there with you man. For sure.

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Games……Games………..GAMES…… Are exactly what they need. Like five of them bad boys at launch, or in the first five to six months post launch.

            I just hope this damn thing succeeds for everyone to benefit from it.

      • Mike G.

        It’s just that nothing is changing. Literally. You’re getting more pixels. I’m sure people are thinking “Oh, well, you’re just saying that because you can’t afford a 4K display” or something along those lines. No, not at all. It just doesn’t change a thing but image quality and frame rates. It’s just not $500 worth of significance to me. There’s no jump here. I’m perfectly fine with what I have now.

        • angryguy77

          Scorpio is going to allow for more than just 4k. You should see better textures etc.
          It has the power to do a lot of things.

          • Mike G.

            No, that’s literally all we’re getting. It has the power to give me better image quality and framerates, and that’s it. Not more polys per char, not better graphics, just more pixels and higher framerates. Now, if the Scorpio were on its own and not tied to Xbox One, things could be a lot different.

          • I agree with Mike. Aside from a higher resolution graphical improvements are unlikely to happen. The games need synergy across all platforms therefore it’d be illogical for Xbox One owners to have to download gigabytes of data they don’t need. I wouldn’t rule it out, but I don’t see this happening for a while

          • Mike G.

            Resolution and “performance” (a negligible difference at best) has dogged Microsoft since the beginning of this generation. Something that didn’t really even matter. I honestly believe that fanboys and blowhards were actually able to sway this corporation into doing something it didn’t really want or need to do. I can see the want to stay current or push ahead, but I honestly feel that Microsoft is doing this because of all the BS on the internet, not because they want to. They got bullied, lol.

          • Well said. This is why Xbox fans are screaming “it’s for us!” at me. I never alluded to that because I don’t spend time in that community. I’m looking at this as a gamer who plays anything. I’m sure MS got fed up with the complaints running around online and they felt the need to fix that.

            While the PS4 Pro is still unnecessary in my opinion, it feels like it fits into the industry more appropriately. Anyone interested in getting a Playstation can consider it. The Scorpio is already being hailed as a hardcore Xbox gamer’s console so I see this not appealing to anyone but those people.

            If MS want to secure the top spot in the industry then they’re going about this all wrong.

          • angryguy77

            So true…..I’m sure MS’s board of directors were worried about fanboy backlash and didn’t give the go ahead for other reasons. SMH

          • angryguy77

            the system ran an un-optimzed version of forza 6 with plenty of room to spare. What do you think this room will be used for?

          • Mike G.

            What CAN it be used for? I’m not denying that it’s a well designed, powerful console, but it’s anchored to Xbox One. They can’t add more of anything to the Scorpio version of a game, or at least not anything that would make the Scorpio version drastically or fundamentally different. That being said, I think it will all go to performance.


      And those consoles did most of that on 512mb of RAM if not less…..!!

      • That’s true. Look at what developers achieved when they knew their limits. We saw some crazy optimisation from the later years of last generation. I’ve no doubt that has contributed to how games are made this gen

        • YOUDIEMOFO

          Lazily slapping together some shite with 55-70GB of crap…..

  • alessan

    No one also asked for televisions, but here we are! No one asked for smartphones, but we also know what happened! No one asked for tablets, for cereal with fruits, for diet coke etc! Not to mention no one asked for ps4 pro!

    The one thing that is certain, is that MS has to reveal some new ips, and some excellent iterations of its current ones! Otherwise, it will only sell well in its first few months and then people will again turn to ps4!

    2 months to go for the E3! Fingers crossed that Ms has some aces up its sleeve!

    • Haha that is very true! Nobody did ask for those things. Clearly the title is not to be taken literally.

      The new ips are what I’m hoping for, so far all I’m looking forward to is State of Decay 2

      • angryguy77

        I don’t know where you’ve been the last few years, but a lot of people were disappointed both the ps4 and x1 did not take as big of leap as the 360 and ps3 did.

  • yardie

    What do you mean?
    A lot of people asked for Scorpio. The xbox is a very weak system right out the gate. The PS4 was very weak as well. Neither systems can do full 1080p at 60fps. Consumers and reviewers asked nonstop for full 60fps at 1080p resolution in AAA games. Thats why the Pro came out, and thats why the scorpio is coming out.

    What a stupid article

  • angryguy77

    I can’t believe the headlines on this site. I’ve never seen a bigger pile of salty haters in my life.

    As to the author……so you’re a PC player, cool story. However, MS isn’t going after your demographic.

    “nother hammer to the
    knee cap of Microsoft is the Nintendo Switch. It has proven, hands down,
    that people don’t actually care about the power of a console.”

    Sales for the switch don’t mean a thing. It’s nintendo, they are a different breed. But if power didn’t truely matter, then why didn’t the Wii U carry on with the WII’s success?

    Power at an affordable price does matter, it always has and it always will. I find it hilarious that a mere 4 years ago, the slight power advantage the PS4 had over the x1 was reason enough to buy it. 1080>900 and that was all it took for sites like this to proclaim the xbox a huge waste. Conveniently, power doesn’t matter now that the ps brand is now in 2nd power-wise…..how odd…..

    • While it’s clear you feel the need to take a side and defend Microsoft, I’m not beholden to any platform, I’m happy to jump ship if something is more appealing. Right now, Xbox is not appealing. I’m sorry my opinion upsets you.

      • angryguy77

        If people like me don’t take a stand, then the yellow journalists and those spouting “it’s just my opinion” will have no one to call them on their misinformation.

        It’s not that I need to defend MS as much as I don’t want see misinformation pieces being circulated under the guise of “one man’s opinion.”

        And what’s not appealing about it? Is it a negative that the system can provide those of us who don’t like to game on PC a 4k experience? Is it bad deal for gamers who want a powerful console? As a pc gamer, why do you even care enough about MS releasing a platform that you don’t care about? See, you can claim you’re not beholden to any platform, yet you take the time out of your day to write this…whatever it is.

        Clearly you have a bone to pick, I’m just not going to claim what’s causing it.

        • The fact that you use the words “take a stand” says all it needs to. I’m literally just expressing why I’ve yet to get excited about the Scorpio. If it turns out that it’s something I want then you can bet that I’ll buy one.

          I’m open minded about it and weighing up options. I’ve seen legitimate articles bashing the Scorpio and wishing for it to fail, go fight your wars there. If you get worked up by articles like this don’t click on them, it’s actually pretty simple.

          • angryguy77

            what’s wrong with “taking a stand” against misinformation? You shouldn’t be surprised that those of us who like the MS brand would pipe up and call people out when they write articles like this.

            Maybe, just maybe we’re tired of the double standard and bias that persists in this industry.

            If you’re as neutral as you claim, then you would admit that it does persist.

            Just go back to 2014 and look at what the ps4 was being praised for and what the x1 was being beat up over.

            For example, the x1 was not the system to get because the PS4 had the better looking 3rd party titles. Hitting 1080 was the benchmark for a true next gen system. A few more blades of grass on GTA was proof that the PS4 was so far ahead of the x1 it was laughable. It didn’t matter that MS had a good lineup of games at launch compared to sony, nope, it was all about the “p.”

            And lets not forget about the “50% more power” story that the gaming media picked up and ran with. I don’t even need to go into detail how ridiculous it was that that story even had legs.

            I admit that MS didn’t help it self with it’s poorly executed system launch. MS isn’t perfect and they have a good deal of room to improve. But even if it didn’t make the mistakes it did, the media would have still ran with the notion that it’s under-powered.

            Now, MS delivers on what it promised(and then some from the looks of it) and it’s still being told it’s still a failure. Hardware wise, it has done everything the fans and haters has said it should do. Yet, it’s still based. Kind of odd don’t you think?

            Now they have the power, but the “no games” card is being used. You guys are moving the goal posts so much it’s plain as day to see.

          • I 100% agree with everything you said. The media and the people consuming that media are fuelling each other, that is definitely plain as day and it is destructive.

            I admit that my headline doesn’t help, I’ve said in previous comments that I kinda regret it. It was funny to us at the time but people are taking it waaaayyy too seriously. We’re a new site, we’re learning and we’ll be sure not to contribute to that atmosphere in the future.

            The aim of my article (except for the heading) was to offer my take on why I’m struggling to get excited about the Scorpio. Can people change my mind? Absodoodly-woodly

          • angryguy77

            I can drink to that

  • Eagles83

    I’ll be picking up a Scorpio. I have a gaming PC with a 1080ti like you mentioned but most of my friends do not. For multiplayer games like Destiny I still need to play on Xbox to play with them unless they start making them crossplay compatible. I have a 4k tv and am not a fan of upscaling so to play with my friends and at a higher resolution the Scorpio makes sense to me. This article could have been written for the PS4 pro which has the more compromised approach which makes it less necessary as an upgrade path. If you don’t own a PS4 the Pro is the way to go but if you have one the difference is mostly negligible.

    • That’s a good point and a great option for the people that have that luxury.

  • Hvd

    thank sony nobody asked for psvr.no one asked for ps4 pro.sony opened the door the xbox to do this so thank sony.

    • That is true. I heard whispers about the Scorpio before the PS4 Pro, but the release of the Pro definitely gave the confirmation Microsoft needed.

      • Hvd

        if sony wouldnt have made the ps4 pro xbox wouldnt have made the scorpio and sony could have made it to the end of the generation as the best but now it this console xbox scorpio is $500 or under it mite destroy sonys sales gap.

        just like the ps3 did to the 360 last gen the 360 was ahead of sales most of the generation but it was so long sony came back.

        • Sure, I don’t think the Scorpio will move the units your suggesting but meh, different strokes

  • stillwaitingforgreatness

    Let’s all hate Microsoft. Again.

  • lilant135

    LOL, look at the top 5 articles on this website right now. All Microsoft and Scoprio HATE!!! This whole site is full of toxic sony fanboys, its hilarious how threatened you are by Scoprio, but its also pathetic…grow up.

    • angryguy77

      amazing isn’t it? MS delivers what everyone has been asking for, a powerful 4k system and they are still hated.

    • I’ll add that the top five articles are at the top because they are filled with comments and clicks from Xbox fans. An article only needs 10 people to approve it but to get to the top it needs engagement. Xbox fans are the reason those articles are getting attention. That’s pretty funny.

  • Mark Matheson

    What a douchey headline and article. Did any of us ask for the Nintendo Switch or PS4 Pro, the X360, Gamecube or PS3? Did we ask for PCIE to replace AGP or for Intel processors to go Multicore? Did we ask for USB to replace parallel and serial ports? Did we ask for Internet fridges or 4 slice toasters or for Daniel Craig to replace Pierce Brosnan? We don’t often get a say with these things, they’re decided for us – why should the manufacture of Scorpio be any different?

    • Never said it was. Though I am grateful that Daniel Craig replaced Pierce Brosnan.

  • Sigma

    This article is truth…. Sorry XBOTs


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