Travelling the solar system as a magic-wielding, all-powerful, alien killing war machine were some of the most exhilarating moments I’ve spent in a videogame. Bungie brought a dangerous world full of mystery, action and loot (oh, the loot) to us with Destiny. Don’t get me wrong, Destiny is not without its flaws. My interest in the game dwindled once The Taken King expansion was released. Now, with the confirmation of a sequel, my intrigue has been sparked once more.

In the past, I’ve been burned by misled expectations for what a game will be like. Trailers often show a grand adventure, yet prove to be nothing more than a forgettable tale. Somehow, Destiny 2 is immune to this treatment from me. Bungie are masters of hype. Their promotional material has always been top-tier throughout their illustrious career as a game developer. The new teaser for D2 is no exception to this rule. I have no doubt in my mind that this game will be an incredible experience, and invoke those same emotions as the original did. Instead, I started to think of what needed to be done to ensure that, this time, I saw the journey through to the very end. So here’s my wishlist for what Destiny 2 needs to offer!


At times, it was easy to forget that the writers at Bungie embedded a rich history into Destiny. The grimoire cards that could be unlocked were brilliant insights into the past before The Collapse. Deep storytelling, emotive anecdotes as well as humorous tidbits were a delight to read. My God did they screw this up. Accessing these accounts and stories meant going outside of the game, either through a companion app or Bungie’s official website. Seamless integration of the gameworld and its lore is vital in preserving any ounce of immersion intended. A simple kiosk or menu access would have been so much better. It would be fair for me to say that, without the grimoire, a player could be forgiven for thinking that Destiny’s world was incredibly shallow. Outside of shooting up bad aliens and tearing down mighty Gods, there isn’t a whole lot of substance to your extraterrestrial encounters. Improve the grimoire, make it accessible, make it impactful. If they can actually bring the brilliant backstory into the spotlight of the plot, it will be well received.


Okay, this isn’t so much of a must-have, more of a must-not. I’ve yet to play a game with superior gunplay to Destiny since it launched in late 2014. Bungie literally does not need to do anything here. Nothing at all. Don’t even look at it. Copy and paste, you’re good to go. Weapon handling was smooth, reactive and rewarding. I loved the heft of a handcannon as you plugged space goons with adept marksmanship. Or how about the anticipation of charging up your favourite Pulse Rifle before it sprays magical beams of death and destruction into an unsuspecting foe. And who can forget the unrivaled chaos of the Vex Mythoclast during Year 1. Am I right fellas?! Nothing felt off, everything had a purpose. Keep it that way. Please.


It might seem odd that I’m praising the gunplay, only to slam the guns, but hear me out. Weapon balance is often the bane of many game developers. Bungie were no different. Browsing the Destiny subreddit would yield many hits calling out for buffs and nerfs. Everybody has an opinion on the subject, whether its due to actual deep thought and consideration, or because they’re salty as fuck. Regardless, Bungie needs to get the sandbox to a stable point from the get go. The less time we spend arguing over OP weapons, the better. Of course, metas will form, guns will be placed on pedestals, it happens. However, that should not detract from the overall enjoyment of the game for the wider population. This is especially pertinent in a game that relies on RNG loot drops as way of a reward. All Bungie need to do is establish a better baseline for all weapon classes, and stick to it. Some deviations here and there are fine, but nothing so god-forsakenly outlying that it rules the battlefields of PvP with an iron fist. I’m sure this is easier said than done, and Bungie probably know what they’re doing here. Here’s hoping.


Remember the days of Year One? Ah, a glorious time where we were all so smitten by the fresh new world we had joined. There were so many activities! Strike playlists offered exciting ways to grind your character to max level, all the while earning some decent loot. And the raid, oh the raid. The Vault of Glass remains my favourite Destiny raid for so many reasons. It took the first striketeam to register a completion nearly 11 hours to take down Atheon. Such a feat was mindblowing and truly befitting of Destiny’s tagline, “Become Legend”. The PvE community needs more content of this calibre. Everything else since the VoG has felt soft and pale in comparison. It was disheartening to see more content being pushed the way of PvP players with each update, only to see a PvE content drought in comparison. The setting for Destiny 2 looks like it will bring a high-octane, action packed bonanza of a story mode. My only hope is that the well doesn’t run dry as quickly as it’s predecessor’s.


This one should go without saying, but if we don’t show support for this, it won’t happen. I could go on and on about how PC is an objectively better platform for any game, but the fact of the matter is that this is Bungie’s biggest opportunity to show that they really care about the community’s feedback. If we don’t see a PC release of Destiny 2, I fear it will have huge consequences for Bungie’s future plans. Continuing the ridiculous segregation of the playerbase will only fuel any further criticism coming their way. If you weren’t willing to listen to your biggest fans about something so important, how can they trust you to listen to them regarding smaller bugs and blips? It is vital that this game sees the light of a PC launch. Oh, and none of this GTA-V-one-year-later bullshit. Release each platform together, for all to enjoy.


That’s all Guardians. Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive. Hopefully we can see improvements to servers and connection issues, a more transparent RNG system, and deeper characterisation. All in all, Bungie will be hard at work to make this the greatest experience they’ve ever released. I hope to see you on the battlefield for the good fight against The Darkness once more when Destiny 2 drops later this year. But before you go, let us know what you’re thoughts on Destiny 2 are! Got any requests? Sweet ideas or concepts? Drop them in the comments, Guardian.


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