The newest trailer for PlayStation 4’s Spider-Man shows a version of the wall-crawler that all fans can love.

If you haven’t been paying attention to E3, you’re missing out. Ubisoft, EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, and even Devolver Digital have all held some solid showcases in the past few days. However, Sony in particular had a fascinating show. At the very least, they’ve won my heart with a single Spider-Man clip.

At E3 2016, Sony revealed that a new Spider-Man game was in development. The title is headed exclusively to PlayStation 4, and is being developed by Insomniac Games. Yet for an entire year, all parties involved stayed silent on the game. Last night, Sony tore the curtains back: Spider-Man is releasing in 2018, and it looks spectacular.

Granted, I’m a sucker for all things Spider-Man, but Insomniac’s latest production has my mind reeling. The combat seems elegant, fluid, and diverse, having taken a page from Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series. Peter Parker majestically dances around enemies as he subdues them, throwing punches and webs as necessary. He even makes light quips and jokes as he fights, much like his comic book counterpart.

Spider-Man PlayStation

In the most recent run of books, Peter is a visionary who builds his own tech and traps, while simultaneously re-purposing his gadgets and selling them to the world. That’s a far cry from the young inner-city boy that most viewers know him as. Insomniac’s Spider-Man appears to put Parker somewhere in-between these two visions, pleasing comic and movie fans alike. The latest footage shows a tricked-out, young adult Spidey with devices galore. He attaches a tripwire-like device to a shipping container, only for it to spew webs onto a nearby guard and trap them.

The experience also showcases Peter’s ingenuity in other ways. Players can hang enemies in a web as a sort of distraction for nearby goons, and can also use the environment to their advantage during battle. Peter constantly needs to think fast, as quick-time events give way to thrilling cinematic moments. Once again, Insomniac has learned from Rocksteady.

Possibly the best segment of the latest E3 trailer, though, begins at the 3-minute mark. Parker flings himself to the top of a building, and begins to beat up some thugs. As he does, one ruffian goes flying off the roof—and Peter saves him. A large, brutish opponent then lands before Spider-Man, as we see the web-slinger try multiple attacks. The powerhouse enemy brushes off each and every strike, so Spidey gets playful. Using his surroundings to his advantage, he slings a brick at the juggernaut-man, quickly following up with some webs and punches. The criminal soon retaliates, hurting Spider-Man in the process.

Spider-Man PlayStation

Yet Peter Parker doesn’t grunt or moan in response. He simply states, “Is that a Higgs field? That’s actually really cool!” Forget jokes, banter, and quick-thinking. The newest iteration of the web-head goes from intimidating, to merciful, to full-on geek within a single minute. This simple, dorky response after being beaten down shows that Spider-Man may portray the perfect Peter Parker.

Superhero fans have long lamented that Tobey Maguire was too awkward to be Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield was too punk, or even that Tom Holland is too young. Nailing the characteristics and attitude of Spidey can be difficult on the big screen. Yet Insomniac seems to have gotten Spider-Man right on the first try—on the PlayStation 4, nonetheless. The atmosphere and tone here feel perfect, and the gameplay looks up to snuff. Consider me sold; Spider-Man can’t get here quickly enough.

Let me guess: you don’t believe that Sony put on a good show? Maybe you didn’t enjoy the Spider-Man footage? Tell us which conference you loved most though Facebook, by tweeting at us!


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