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Now this is Podracing!

Being a Nintendo Switch launch title, Fast RMX is treated with a huge amount of exposure from day one. What appeared to be a rip-off of F-Zero or WipeOut, has actually proven itself to be a very capable eShop title. From the moment you launch the game (which takes very little time to download) you feel at home with it’s simple menu, “quick” visuals and striking colours. Sadly, the menu is a little too simple.

There are only 3 game modes to choose from; Championship mode, Multiplayer, or Hero mode. Championship mode plays as your typical “Cup” campaign. You race on three predetermined tracks against the AI in a battle to gain the most points. Simple enough, yet you also have three difficulty modes to choose from, each one ramping up the speed a few notches. It’s a great way to first learn the courses, and also pick up a few tricks and skills before you tackle the higher speeds. Hero mode is not dissimilar from a challenge mode, and extends the replayability. It’s not ground-breaking game design, but it’s a welcome addition. Multiplayer works as you would expect. Once you’re in a lobby, it’s an endless cycle of different courses with players dropping in and out post-race. It’s simple and satisfying, but without proper friend support (which is apparently on the way) it feels a bit hollow for now.

Dude, where’s my futuristic race car?

By racing through Championship mode, the player unlocks multiple racecars (or, anti-gravity vehicles) which all boast different stats. Top speed, acceleration and boost all factor into your vehicle’s statistics, but at times feel shallow. The lack of customisation is unfortunate. Being able to earn new decals, bodies or stat boosts would bring Fast RMX much more content. At the same time, this title costs merely £16.99/$19.99, and in my opinion is a steal for that price.

Visually, Fast RMX is a real treat. Running at 1080p 60fps while docked, the cars and tracks all look beautiful. This is a great showcase for the Nintendo Switch’s power. Weather effects, dust and water all render very well. I did experience some minor frame rate drops in handheld mode when the on-screen action became intense. However, this was infrequent, and barely noticeable. The game feels polished, my only complaint being that a touch of anti-aliasing could have gone a long way.

How do you control this thing?!

Gameplay will be no stranger for those familiar with F-Zero and company. Steering is simple, yet fluid. The lack of gear-shifting, power-ups or any other clumsy mechanics allow you to truly enjoy the fast-paced nature of this game. And boy, it is fast. Having only reached the second tier of difficulty, the jump up in speed is tremendous. I can only imagine what the top level play is like. Shin’en have blown away my expectations with this game. It’s fun, frantic and true to it’s name. Lack of depth aside, this game is worth the asking price. If you’re looking for a title to juggle during your Breath of the Wild downtime, look no further than Fast RMX.

Fast RMX (Nintendo Switch)
Fluid visualsAddictively funReasonable online play
No customisationCurrently lacks online friend supportNot many game modes


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