Everybody’s Golf is honestly just a golf game. But it’s one that really hits the spot when you’re overstressed, overworked, and over it all.

My past few weeks have been a wild ride. When I’m alone and not hounded by a stressful, busy work schedule, I’m gearing up in Destiny 2. Yet my social life—my breathtaking nights with friends—are consumed by Everybody’s Golf. Previously named Hot Shots Golf in North America, the iron-driving title has served as an atmospheric break from the hubbub of reality. It’s the perfect background noise to brighten my week, partially thanks to its hodgepodge of oddities.

Yeah, Everybody’s Golf is “another 3-button-press” golf game in the same vein as the Mario Golf series. Yet its Japanese roots shine through in the most unique, endearing ways. The game offers a staggering amount of customization options with which you can craft your own anime-styled avatar. Once created, your little pseudo-self can not only golf, but swim, fish, and drive around the courses to its heart’s content.

Is any of this necessary? Not one bit. But Everybody’s Golf knows what it wants to be: a fun, lackadaisical game to play with friends. It adds a lot of enjoyable, downright silly features “just because.” Jumping into a server filled with friends and strangers provides quite a few wholesome, relaxing times. Tee off whenever you want, cause mayhem in a golf cart when you please—it’s the perfect lifestyle.

“You can do it!” your caddy yelps as you step up to putt. “You’ve gotta want it!” shouts the audience. You hold your breath and…congrats, you’ve scored an Eagle! Your avatar dances around, throwing his fist in the air, yelling “Golf is fun!” all the while. It’s moments like this that make you fall in love with Everybody’s Golf, and the way it charades its deep, intricate golfing mechanics by being plain quirky and lighthearted.

And so, I pass the controller to a friend, and settle in to relax. His short, stubby, wide-eyed avatar waddles around the courses like an excited child. We chuckle, talk about our week, and just unwind. Everybody’s Golf is the perfect game to just pass back and forth while you whittle away the hours having fun. This won’t be a Game of the Year experience, by any means. After all, it feels like a deeper version of Mario Golf: World Tour, without the nostalgic scenery. But Everybody’s Golf is a nice distraction with friends both near and far, and serves as just the right getaway.

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