It has been delayed, and delayed again, but Cuphead is here in three days for PC and Xbox One.

I’ve gotta say, it’s rare that I judge my purchasing decisions based purely off of a game’s visuals. But when I saw the E3 announcement of Cuphead back in 2014, I knew I wanted it.

Cuphead draws inspiration from the cartoons of the 1930’s, and was even animated the same way. Every character, backdrop and effect have been painstakingly created in hand-drawn cel animation. We haven’t seen anything like it.

At its core, Cuphead is a run-and-gun platformer with a heavy focus on boss battles, and follows the titular character in his quest to pay back his debt to the devil. The game also supports local co-op with a buddy, who fills the role of Mugman. There’s even an overworld map, various abilities to unlock, and an original ragtime/jazz soundtrack to die along to. And die you will – the verdict on Cuphead is that it’s very challenging, and its difficulty has been a reason for some of the delays.

Speaking of difficulty, Cuphead was at the centre of a Twitter storm recently when VentureBeat posted gameplay footage played by their very own Dean Takahashi. While Takahashi and his coworkers found his abysmal performance very amusing, a few people on Twitter had a bit more to say about it, sparking the age-old “Should game critics be good at games?” debate.

But let’s not dwell on that when the game is only three days away! Check it out, you’ll know whether or not it’s for you.

 Developer StudioMDHR  Publisher StudioMDHR  Genre Action Platformer • Platform PC, XBox One  Price $19.99/£14.99  Origin US  Release Sep 29, 2017


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