Not everyone on this deserted island is focused on winning.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG, has taken the gaming world by storm. Even though it has no solid release date, the fun FPS has made waves since its early-access release and has already seen its fair share of tournaments. It’s even held the number one spot on Twitch for “Most Concurrent Streams.” I have several friends who hate FPS games, yet bought and enjoy this title. With an Xbox One version arriving by the end of 2017, PUBG won’t be leveling off anytime soon. So, what is it about this game that has so many people playing? Many people are in it for the mechanics, or to be number one. I’ve got my own reasons.

First off, I hate playing solo. With many extremely skilled FPS players leaving the pro circuit to stream PUBG full-time, it’s not fun for me. Some people would argue , “Git gud!” Listen, I don’t have the time to play PUBG until I see “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” five times a day. I just don’t, nor would I ever enjoy that. PUBG is much more enjoyable playing as a Duo or Squad.

Now this is where PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds shines. It can be easy to find a friend playing and jump into some matches with them. Besides having 2 sets of eyes on everything, you can laugh and goof around, yet still be competitive in a match. Some friends have laughed off plenty of deaths, as a result of getting “loot blind.” We joke that we’re the best loot drops in the game, as surely our killers receive a great haul! More often than not, we end up dying outside of the play zone. Car and motorcycle wrecks happen too, but when you’re playing with folks who can chuckle through the pain, it’s still a good time! Though it can be hard for Duos and Squads to find great gear, the hilarious stories make up for it.

This is what I feel will carry PUBG in the long run. Getting a group of 3-4 friends together can be quite the task, but it’s well worth it. This game is a blast to play with groups of randoms and friends alike. We’ve even made new friends through the means of matchmaking as well. It’s satisfying when you mix-and-match strangers and friends! One match, two buddies and I teamed up with a random player. The straggler ended up ditching us and dying an agonizing death, but we all laughed it off in voice chat and proceeded to place in the top 10.

I’ll keep plugging away at PUBG with some friends and soon-to-be friends, maybe picking up a Chicken Dinner here or there. If not, oh well: as long as I go down fighting (or of loot-blindness), I’ll be happy. If you take PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds a little too seriously: just relax. You won’t get better overnight, and those bugs you’ve been complaining about are going to be there for a little while longer. Just enjoy the game, and have fun with the folks you’re playing with.


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