At Outpost, we aim to stray away from cut and dry video game coverage and offer something a little different. Games are so much more than a piece of media, more than a consumer product, there’s really nothing like them. No matter how small, a game has the power to completely immerse you and take you out of the real world, if only for a moment. Every experience is unique, every story yours. We aim to share those stories and celebrate this medium we love so much.

We’re interested in what it means to be a gamer and to share the moments that solidify that choice. Those water-cooler talks, those moments you didn’t think possible. The “what ifs,” the “whys,” and the “now.” We’ll take deep dives into the industry, a game and its design, and we will deliver honest opinions that aim to spark conversation between us. Most important of all, we hope to entertain.

We’re Outpost — we’re your outpost. Welcome, and enjoy.

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The Team

We run Outpost entirely in our spare time and we do it for free. Yes. After a hard days work, we come home and work some more. But hey, this is actually fun for us. If you think you’re just as narcissistic and want to write for the site, then get in touch.

Darren Burchett


You can attribute Darren's overflowing Steam library to the fact that he's happy to try everything, no genre is off limits. But he does have a soft spot for horror, shooters and RPGs. His favourite games of all time include Metal Gear Solid, Bioshock, Battlefield 2, The Last of Us & Rocket League

Dylan Bishop

Despite not being old enough to play Metal Gear Solid when it released, Dylan is trying to understand the industry. He only talks about Persona, Zelda, and Shovel Knight, so there's a chance he's on the wrong track.

Robert Hogge

Born to the back half of the 80's, Robert developed his gaming tastes from a steady diet of platformers, twitch shooters, and sim racers. When he isn't reminiscing about SRPG's, he spends his time playing Dark Souls and building custom Gameboys. Lifetime Sonic fan and sipper of the arena-shooter cool aid, he loves every facet of gaming as an entertainment medium, and hopes someday to be able to contribute to the community full-time.

Joshua Joseph

Game Development professor by day, everything else by night. Gamer, world traveler, husband and animal dad.