To the developers of the latest Mass Effect:

I understand you’ve been catching a lot of flak lately. People screaming about animations, or lamenting that Mass Effect: Andromeda tarnishes the wonderful franchise upon which it was built. I’ve seen the tweets, the forums, and the comments. I’ve even seen your apt response to employee harassment.

Today, I’d like to offer some advice: don’t listen to it. Sure, tweak the game and definitely do better next time. Never throw advice and fair criticism out the window. But insults and harsh words don’t define a game, and more importantly, they don’t define the developers. Anyone can sling nasty doo-doo letters at one another (well-meaning people, laughing trolls, or even your own reflection) but only someone great can take those in stride and fix the underlying problems. Huddle up, catch these awful wads of words, analyze them, and hit it out of the park on your next go.

For every mean-spirited bigot in the YouTube comments, there’s three or four twitterpated Twitter tweeters, ready to try a game and give constructive feedback. Not everyone on the internet sucks, but sometimes it can feel that way. Especially if you’re developing a much-anticipated entry in a beloved video game series. Please, don’t give into the echo chamber of the vocal minority. To development teams and casual players alike: keep your chin up, and do your best.

After all, we need those steamy extraterrestrial dating scenes.


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