Nintendo really does have something special with the Switch. Early sales are strong, but if they want to continue this momentum, they need quality games. A lot of people aren’t convinced, and are still waiting on a non-Zelda killer app. I’ve been thinking long and hard about this, so here are the 5 games I think will help make the Switch a must-have.

1. Rocket League

It’s undeniable how much Rocket League has continued gaining popularity since it’s July 2015 release. It strikes the perfect balance of being approachable and fun without sacrificing technical, high-level play. With Splatoon 2 coming out in late July, Nintendo has obviously sparked an interest in eSports. It only makes sense then that they snatch up a game that already has such a huge following in the competitive gaming sphere. And who knows? If it gets popular enough, maybe professional teams will start using the Switch as their go-to platform.

2. Metroid Prime 4

There are few Nintendo franchises quite as neglected in recent years as Metroid (except maybe F-Zero). It is easily one of my favorite series of all time, and I’d argue it’s one of their most consistently “hardcore” properties. Needless to say, a new game in the Prime series is more than a little overdue. Metroid Prime 1 showed the gaming world that the Gamecube wasn’t just some plastic purple lunchbox. It also ended up being one of the most beautiful and spectacular 3D games Nintendo ever made. If they made Metroid Prime 4 for Switch, and did it justice, I can see it easily becoming Nintendo’s next killer app.

3. Grand Theft Auto 5

Although the game is going on 4 years old, bringing GTA V to the Switch would be a bold and smart move. I could even see them porting GTA Online as well, although Big Red would need to get their online ecosystem together first. Some gamers might be burned out on GTA V by now, admittedly. But there are definitely those who either never got around to playing it, or have only ever owned Nintendo products. It would also be the first portable GTA since San Andreas was ported to iOS and Android. With Skyrim already coming out later this year, having another big AAA franchise show up to the party could only lead to good things for the Switch.

4. A Next-Gen Pokemon Game

Pokemon has always been a series associated with portable gaming. Every single major iteration since it’s inception has been a flagship for Nintendo’s handheld consoles. This fact unfortunately puts the Switch at odds with the 3DS, as they will likely opt to continue the series on that instead. Even so, can you imagine what a full Pokemon release would do for the Switch? And I don’t mean an HD port of whatever version is currently out, I mean they should give Pokemon the full Breath-of-The-Wild treatment. I am quite doubtful that this would ever come to fruition, but man, that would be pretty spectacular.

5. Dark Souls

More than anything else on this list, I want this to happen. It might not be as popular as any of the other series I mentioned, but Dark Souls has definitely carved out a hugely-passionate fanbase. The original is in my top 5 favorite games of all time, and I’m far from the only person who sees it as something special. It was rumored last December that From Software had successfully gotten Dark Souls 3 running on the Switch. But even if that was just a rumor, Fromsoft is on the list of third-party devs that are on board. So it isn’t that much of a stretch to think this could happen. Seriously Nintendo: Take my money. Take ALL my money. Just give me Dark Souls.

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